The Rev. Dr. David A. Killian was born in 1940. Rev. Killian served as rector of All Saints Parish for 20 years, making him that parish’s second-longest serving rector. Committed to interfaith dialogue, Rev. Killian made All Saints Parish Brookline a place that supported people of all faiths on their spiritual journeys. During Rev. Killian’s tenure, the parish’s attendance grew and increased its educational activities and outreach. He founded the Ruah Interfaith Spirituality Institute in 1992, drawing on his prior experience as the executive director of the Interfaith Counseling Center. This program assembled outstanding speakers from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions to share their spiritual heritages. Rev. Moses’ first connection to the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts was through the Rev. Dr. David A. Killian of All Saints Parish Brookline. All Saints graciously covered part of Rev. Moses’ school expenses before he got his immigration papers, enabling him to continue his studies. It was Rev. Killian who introduced Rev. Moses to Bishop Bud Cederholm, who connected him to St. Paul’s leadership in Brockton. Rev. Killian continued supporting Rev. Moses and sent representatives from All Saints Parish Brookline to the first Sunday service at GCB. In addition to rector of All Saints, Rev. Killian served on the boards of many organizations. He was president of the interfaith Brookline Clergy Association, a board member of the Massachusetts Episcopal Clergy Association, and a member of the Diocese’s Standing Committee and Diocesan Council. He also edited the clergy newsletter of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. Prior to becoming an Episcopal priest, Rev. Killian was a 25-year member of the Paulist Fathers, a religious order of priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Rev. Killian retired from his service as rector of All Saints Parish in 2012.

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