Linda had been actively involved in the church her entire life. For 43 years, she worked in the printing industry. In 2015, her company closed, and she found a posting for the Administrative Assistant position at GCB. In early 2016 she began working at GCB, and served as the Administrative Assistant for two years. During that time, she took over the task of bookkeeping.

After Linda retired as Administrative Assistant, she continued supporting GCB with bookkeeping. In 2019, she was officially named Bookkeeper, and serves on the Finance Committee. Linda is an active church member and associates with several local Episcopal churches. She and her husband Michael, who teaches guitar for the Brigade Youth Program, have been married for 50 years. They have two adult children. An avid quilter, she keeps busy making banners and blankets. Linda and her dog can be seen walking in and around Sharon, MA, where she lives. Linda enjoys her relationship with GCB and feels they are truly doing God’s work.

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