Herlande Sineus was born in 2002 in the Dominican Republic, and raised in Haiti. She currently lives in Boston, MA. In 2016, she and her best friend were on their way to a party, and her friend told her aunty they were going to church. The woman didn’t believe her niece as it was nearly 9 o’clock when they left the house. She had her nephew follow Herlande and her friend, and they ended up at GCB.

Herlande, her friend and her friend’s brother ended up staying and talked to Rev. Moses. This conversation led Herlande to attend and fall in love with the church. In addition to serving on the Executive Committee, Herlande serves on the Brigade Youth Program Advisory Board, as the Curious Group leader in the Abigails Program, and sings in the choir. After college, Herlande wants to work as a Child Psychologist and in Criminal Psychology. She is a wonderful writer soon to finish her first book called All About Her. Through telling her own story, she hopes to inspire young women like herself. In her free time, she loves listening to music, going to the gym, and watching Netflix.

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