Asmaru Senesie George, also known as Kadijah, was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 1981. Born into a Muslim family, her grandmother raised her in the rural part of Bo Town.

Asmaru’s Christian faith journey began at 11 years old. She remembers hearing her neighbors singing Christian praise and worship songs, and feeling happy. She told her grandmother she wanted to join them. Asmaru’s faith grew as she started singing with her neighbors, and eventually began attending church and participating in church plays. Asmaru immigrated to the U.S. in 1997. She attended Boston College in 2007, where she met Rev. Moses. When they met, she was facing some difficult times. Rev. Moses immediately encouraged Asmaru to never give up, which helped her. Many years later, she joined GCB, which she has found to be a true house of Christ. She finds each encounter with GCB life-changing, building her up for her faith journey. According to Asmaru, GCB is a house of love. Asmaru is a member of the Abigails and volunteers with the Brigade Youth Program. Asmaru is a mom, wife, and EHR Administrator. She enjoys exploring different cultures, creating recipes, hiking, the beach, and reading to her daughter.

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