Amos Adepoju was born in Igbo-Elerin, Osun State in 1940, to Daniel Ishola and Maria Foyake Adepoju. He was originally baptized in the Methodist Church, but went on to join the Anglican Church. Though born a Muslim, Agnes went on to become a devout Christian and prayer warrior. The Adepojus married in 1976, living and working in Ibadan. Amos became involved in the local Anglican Church in the 1980s, serving as a Pastor’s Warden for several years at Bishop Oyebode Memorial Anglican Church. His passion for evangelism led him to study theology and earn a certificate from Immanuel College of Theology in 1995. Through his beloved late nephew, Pastor Matthew Akinade, he won a visa lottery and the Adepojus relocated to the United States in 1996. As parents, the Adepojus provided consistent love and care for their children despite economic hardships. The couple taught their children from a young age the meaning of hard work and a purposeful life. They built a respectable home on unshakable love for one another and for God. These values shaped Amos and Agnes’ children, who grew into successful, thriving adults. The Adepojus played a vital role in the founding of GCB, offering all their support, love, and energy. Amos is currently a patron of the Brigade Youth Program. Amos and Agnes’ children have also been supportive of GCB.

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