What Our Members say

“Grace Chapel has blessed me since 2015 when I became a member. Nothing else brings me more joy than when we gather together every Sunday for worship. My spiritual needs are met with prayer and participating in the choir. No one else can replace Rev. Moses Sowale and what he has done for Grace Chapel, I would not change a thing.”

Eunice Derizen

“My greatest moments with GCB have been Sunday services and Tuesday Prayer Meetings. I have been a member since October 2020, I inquired about Grace Chapel via the internet and sent a message to Rev. Moses who gave me a directive. I pray that GCB continues to keep the good work which the Lord has started and fulfill the sole purpose of her existence. I pray that Rev. Moses continues the work which the Lord has entrusted into our hands.

Odafe Louis

“Grace Chapel has been an experience of faith renewal for me. It has something spiritual that many churches have lost. Reverend Moses has a personal, unique way of teaching the life of Jesus and His purpose for each person that attends. His sincerity and unlimited giving of himself drives each of us to do our best to support each other in our faith journeys. We feel for each other as a real family does, but more so in that we are able to let go of old ways and teachings. We do not feel tied down to follow or change our own understanding of the Christian faith. We are allowed to grow without being corrected or intimidated. Brockton’s diverse community needs the presence of Grace Chapel’s uniqueness and diversity. Too many are felt lost or unwelcome if they don’t fit into the many congregations in Brockton. Each visitor here is welcomed in a personal way and if they choose to come back, are invited to participate in one of our many committees in one way or another.”

Eleanor Wentworth

Grace Chapel is more than a place of worship for me. It’s a place where I am free to express my feelings without condemnation. They take you as you are and work with you on your journey to salvation. The diversity, the culture, and the intimacy we share among each other bring joy to my heart. It’s a place where love abounds among all members. When I am there, I am at peace and I leave the place every Sunday filled, blessed, and prepared to face the challenges of the up-coming week. I wish the church will continue to function with your support of assistance, and the doors will be kept open, so more people can be blessed like me."

Agnes Adepoju