How We Worship


At Grace Chapel Brockton, Sunday worship looks like our congregation: vibrant and diverse.

On Sundays, we infuse the Episcopal Holy Eucharist Rite II liturgy with inspired gospel songs, dancing, clapping and tambourines. 

We invite our community to lift up the Prayers of the People in their native languages. While our primary language is English, at various times, you can hear Yoruba, Haitian Creole, English, Portuguese, or Swahili in the service. After Sunday school, our children join us for communion and blessings. We always end Sundays sharing coffee, snacks, conversation, and encouragement with one another.


In addition to the liturgy, we incorporate other interactive programs into our Sunday worship. On the first Sunday of the month, Rev. Moses preaches a sermon drawn from that week’s Lectionary readings. We then identify a theme in that week’s readings to explore throughout the month.

On the second Sunday, we hold an interactive Bible study. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and offer their own insight and wisdom on the gospel lectionary for the week.

On the third Sunday, we hold a hands-on empowerment workshop. Rev. Moses invites the congregation to talk about how the week’s readings apply to our own lives. Where do we see ourselves in the scriptures? Everyone takes home a practical teaching to apply to their everyday life.

On the fourth Sunday, we share our testimonies. We call this “the Gospel According to the People” or “the Fifth Gospel.” In these “lived gospels,” members of our congregation share their life testimonies. People share how God is present in both their challenges and victories. Some people have yet to see victory over the obstacles in their lives, and need encouragement. We make space to pray for them then and there.

A mixture of liturgy and interactive programs enrich and grow our spiritual life together. We want everyone who attends or visits GCB to know the Gospel lives within them.