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Weekly Services

10am Sunday Holy Communion 


10:15am Sunday Children Classes


12noon Sunday Choir Rehearsal


9pm Tuesday Telephone Prayer Conference 


12noon Saturday Boys & Girls Brigade Brockton Youth Ministry

Welcome to the official website of Grace Chapel Episcopal/Anglican Ministry in Brockton, Massachusetts.
In a world filled with much brokenness, hatred, devastation, and stress, the Grace of God helps us to make meaning out of our meaninglessness. With Grace, life becomes beautiful and meaningful. Past regrets and failures are replaced with gifts of patience, wise choices and non-judgmental attitudes. With Grace, weaknesses and flaws become great tools in the hands of God to transform and bring wholeness. Nothing is a waste in the presence of God.

The Grace of God is not an opportunity to continue in sin and lawlessness, it is an opportunity for healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. At Grace Chapel, we are committed and sensitive to other people’s space and culture. We respect your values and we work and walk together to discern the purpose of God in all creation as we keep looking unto Jesus Christ as our role model.

You are welcome to contact us for your spiritual needs, irrespective of your faith, tradition or denomination; stop by at our services or visit us on this website. We hope to extend the grace we are experiencing to you and your family. Be blessed as you browse through our resources here and may the Grace of God speak for you always. Amen.



This Week at Grace Chapel


Praise, Prayer and Testimony Sunday. Please join us and express your own joys and concerns.

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